Stewardship of Country – Resilience and Regeneration

This second webinar in the series focuses on untangling the knots in our system that frustrate beneficial change, from the fixed thinking enforced by our political culture to the slow-changing traditions of agricultural land management and business practices founded in European soils and ecosystems. We also look at how business, entrepreneurship and private property have an effective role to play in conserving and rebuilding ecosystems and biodiversity.

Stewardship of Country – The Common Ground

This first webinar in the series focuses on the convergence of knowledge traditions, acknowledging the capacity for traditional European farming practices to adapt, the remarkable advances in the ecological sciences based on European classification systems, and the complex Australian Indigenous knowledge systems developed and maintained over a truly astonishing stretch of time, offering a deep cultural understanding and relationships with “country” to help us determine our common future in Australia.

Evolutionary Transformations in Vertebrate History

This two-and-a-half-day symposium will bring together top Australian and international scientists, students, and early career researchers to present the latest advancements in investigating the evolutionary dynamics of these profound events, with an emphasis on methods for integrating modern and palaeontological data. 

Kids Conference 2019 – Melbourne Workshop

A workshop to help students and their teachers prepare for the Melbourne Kids’ Conference on 18 November. Bring your Science, Geography, History, English, Maths or Music ideas and teachers to this Facilitators and Presenters workshop at the Royal Society of Victoria!

Growing Tall Poppies – 2016 Symposium

Professional Development for Teachers of Physics, Science, and Careers (Certificate of Participation Provided). Extension and Leadership Development for Outstanding Students.
Science teachers and late secondary students are invited to attend the 2016 Growing Tall Poppies Symposium, a great opportunity to explore and develop your potential as a part of Melbourne’s science and education community.