Position Papers

The Royal Society of Victoria develops, adopts and endorses positions where a scientific or evidence-based approach to matters of importance to Victoria’s communities, environment or economy can assist decision makers.

Our recent positions on various matters are collected here for ease of reference.

Securing the Future of the Gippsland Lakes – Report from the Royal Society of Victoria’s Roundtable (2023)

Towards Conservation & Recovery of Victoria’s Biodiversity – Report for Changemakers (2022)

The Royal Society of Victoria’s Official Position on Climate Change (2022, updated on 2019, 2016)

The Finkel Review into the Future National Electricity Market (2017)

Action Needed to Ensure the Recovery of the Leadbeaters Possum (2016)

Help Nature Adapt to a Changing Climate (2016)

Protecting the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site (2015)

Statement on National Science Policy (2014)

Cattle Grazing in the Wonnangatta Valley (2014)