Our Strategy

2023 – 27

The Royal Society of Victoria is at an inflexion point as we transition from a Society that simply celebrates the role of science in our state, into an active group of individuals, organisations and like-minded societal groups who seek to help Victoria and Australia tackle the major issues of our time through science and technology with reference to the social and cultural currents of our State.

This strategy sets out our key agendas and plans that will help us deliver on our mission: to elevate Victoria’s scientific leadership capability and purposefully contribute to the positive transformation of our global civilisation in the 21st century.

The strategic settings for 2023-27 require (and have received) endorsement by the RSV’s governing Council, while the initiatives under each strategic action are expected to evolve over the five year period.

You can view the full Strategic Plan here: RSV Strategic Plan – 2023-27


Concord & Progress

Over the course of 2015 and 2016, the Royal Society of Victoria embarked on a process to define its mission, role and purpose in a 21st century Victoria. Building on a proud tradition stretching back more than 160 years, we evaluated the needs of our contemporary science community, the status of science and science education in our State, and the rich legacy of the sciences in the story of Victoria.

Following a long process of consultation surveys, members’ forums, committee meetings and AGM presentation, we presented “Concord & Progress: A Strategy for the Royal Society of Victoria,” setting out the high-level aspirations to inform our cyclic strategic and operational planning and guide priorities for development and growth. The document is available below.