2023 Annual General Meeting

Q & A - Rob GellRSV members are asked to register below to attend the 2023 Annual General Meeting (not an error – held in 2024, reviewing our performance in 2023), noting a quorum of 50 will be required.

Member Registration

Meeting Papers will be posted here, and by email circular to all current members, ahead of the meeting.


If you cannot attend, please nominate your proxy on the online form provided by the RSV at https://rsv.org.au/proxy-form-2023-agm/. This will help us to reach our quorum.


This meeting will be conducted online as a Zoom conference (including voting on motions via live Zoom poll). Please test your software’s compatibility ahead of proceedings – we recommend installing the latest version of the Zoom application and registering with a free account if you don’t already have one.

This is a closed meeting for RSV members only. Fully subscribed RSV members only at the AGM please; full members, student members, organisational member representatives and Fellows are all entitled to vote. If your membership subscription has lapsed, please ensure it is renewed before 5pm on Wednesday, 8th May to be eligible to attend, or for your proxy vote to be valid.

Member Registration