The RSV Council Welcomes Mr Brendan Cohen

Mr Brendan Cohen, BSc

The Council of the Royal Society of Victoria (RSV) is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Brendan Cohen to the governing Council of Victoria’s Science Society.

Brendan’s recently completed science degree in animal biology stems from a deep interest and passion for wildlife and conservation. His strong intellectual curiosity is matched by his love for outdoor adventures and desire to inspire people with the simple yet elegant art of a good “fun fact.”

Highly passionate about education, communication and engaging with people, Brendan is motivated to use the power of storytelling and multi-media content to help bridge the gap between field research and public knowledge.

Brendan is co-founder and President of the Emerging Scientists Network, a collective of RSV student members devoted to fostering connections, knowledge exchange, and opportunities for current undergraduates and recent graduates from science-based courses at Victorian universities. ESN aims to run events that promote and encourage it’s emerging scientists to network with potential employers and professionals across STEMM-related industries in the state.

The Society is delighted to welcome Mr Brendan Cohen to our governance team and excited to begin our work together. We look forward to introducing Mr Cohen to our members at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting on 9 May.