Artificial Intelligence Summit

It’s crucial for our community, industry, and region to lead the way in embracing this transformative era.”
– Rotary Melbourne

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Join us for a unique opportunity to connect with expertise and local sector leaders across the Australian medical, education and technology industries to deepen understanding and discuss critical considerations in deploying enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

As we navigate the socioeconomic complexities of our modern world, one thing is abundantly clear: Artificial Intelligence has arrived, and can offer a pathway to a brighter future for all. We have the opportunity to shape a future where AI is not simply a tool, nor an unwelcome disruptor, but a catalyst for positive change. As in all things, if we are clear on the benefits of arriving at any particular destination, the difficulties of the journey will be entirely worthwhile.

Our journey in AI is not just about technological advancement; it is about harnessing the power of AI to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. We can imagine a world where AI is used to anticipate and mitigate disasters from natural hazard and extreme weather events, help preserve our planet for future generations, or support practitioners with diagnostics and treatments to revolutionize patient care in our health system, ensuring that no one is left behind due to a lack of access or resources. From climate change and healthcare disparities to poverty and education inequality, the potential for AI to drive positive change is considerable.

This event is designed to help intersectoral leaders strategically deploy Artificial Intelligence tools for enhanced productivity, with guidance from our panel of experts:

A/Professor Magdalena Simonis AM – Clinical Associate Professor, University of Melbourne & Board Director
Magdalena Simonis

Associate Professor Simonis is a leading health expert, keynote speaker, climate change and gender equity advocate and government advisor. She is a Senior Honorary Research Fellow of the University of Melbourne Department of General Practice with Applied Learning Healthcare Systems and implementation insights. A/Professor Simonis established the Medical Women in Technology and Health group, as Past President of Australian Federation of Medical Women and is a founding leader/mentor for the National Women in Digital Health Leadership program, now in its third year. Magdalena also holds board positions on several not-for-profit organisations and is driven by her passion for bridging gaps across the health sector to achieve better outcomes.

Mr Finbar O’Hanlon – Consulting Innovator & Entrepreuneur
Finbar O'Hanlon

Mr O’Hanlon is an inventor, CEO, musician and seasoned entrepreneur, turning ideas into marketable solutions, with a proven track record in taking businesses from concept to IPO. His coaching and facilitation skills empower teams to execute strategic visions and thrive in disruptive environments. With 16 patents in AI, crypto and Audio Visual-related technologies, Finbar’s inventions revolutionize the value that content delivers from application, to content production and distribution. As a certified Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of APAC Innovation Institute at GInI ATP, Finbar provides Applied Innovation Training experiences for leaders in the Australian Marketplace.

Dr Dimitrios Salampasis – FinTech Capability Lead & Senior Lecturer, Emerging Technologies and FinTech Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology
Dimitrios Salampasis

Dr Salampasis is an award-winning global thought leader, educator, researcher, and sought-after keynote speaker, passionate about FinTech innovation and strategy, global affairs and geopolitics, sustainability and emerging technologies nexus. He is a trusted partner to CEOs, C-Level Executives and Board of Directors of leading corporations, start-ups and government officials harnessing the power of emerging technologies to identify solutions that lead global change and impact. Dr Salampasis regularly provides forward-thinking insights and sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice, furnishing strategic guidance by synthesizing analysis and insights from research across various innovation and emerging technological domains.

Mr Aaron Sempf, Next-Gen Tech Lead (Asia-Pacific-Japan), Amazon Web Services
Aaron Sempf

Mr Sempf has over twenty years experience working in software engineering and distributed systems design, focused on solving for large scale integration and event-driven systems to effectively architect, develop and manage scalable human centric technology solutions. Highly motivated and passionate about technology and innovation, Aaron can be found coding prototypes for autonomous robots, IoT devices, and distributed solutions in his spare time.

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Presented by the Rotary Club of Melbourne and the Royal Society of Victoria.
Refreshments kindly provided by TomorrowX, our event partner.