Position Statements

The Royal Society of Victoria is an independent, non-political body which has been promoting science and science education since 1854.  An important part of our role is to provide impartial advice on scientific matters of importance to Victoria and Victorians.

In October 2012 the Society ran a symposium titled Climate Change Science: Impacts and Adaptations for Victoria.  A summary of the whole symposium, session 2: Climate Change Impacts on Victoria and session 3: Climate Change Adaptation for Victoria can be found at these links.

The Society has lobbied and issued position papers on the following topics:

The Royal Society of Victoria – Official Position on Climate Change

Action Needed to Ensure the Recovery of the Leadbeater’s Possum

Climate Research & Adaptation is Big Business – 2016 CSIRO Cuts

Protection of the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site

National science policy

Response to proposed trial of cattle grazing in the Wonnangatta Valley

Biodiversity and preservation of the Leadbeaters possum

The Evidence for Potential Health Impacts from Wind Power