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Wild DNA
Science for All‘s “Wild DNA” program, searching for the presence of endangered species in the field

In this time of global pandemic, devastating bushfires and social disruption, we need more help than ever to put science to work. We’re campaigning to activate a range of high-value initiatives; the community-level programs and projects we deliver and auspice in life sciences, environment, community education and resource recovery.

Our aim is to help everyone be a part of finding smart solutions for our most challenging problems. Your generosity will help us to nourish a resilient, adaptable generation and grow a better future, starting out with the grass roots.

Your support for our efforts would be greatly appreciated. Please give today.

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Our Programs and Partners:

BioQuisitive Community Lab
BioQuisitive Community Lab: What if more community members could work alongside scientists to tackle the biggest problems we’re facing?
Phoenix School Program
The Phoenix School ProgramWhat if outdated equipment from university and industry laboratories became brand new gear for high school labs?
BrainSTEM Innovation Challenge
The BrainSTEM Innovation Challenge: What if we fostered a new generation of resilient, empathetic and adaptable Australians?
Science for All
Science for All: What if anyone, anywhere, could get involved in protecting and restoring our natural heritage with scientific methods?
Australian Indigenous Astronomy
Australian Indigenous Astronomy: What if we put Indigenous knowledge at the centre of how we understand and interact with the world around us?
Science Prizes
Science Awards and Prizes: What if we recognised the achievements of our high-performing scientists across the career spectrum?
Inspiring Victoria
Inspiring Victoria: What if communities and schools across Victoria could get involved in the excitement of scientific inquiry and discovery?
Science History and Heritage
Science History and Heritage: What if we could bring Victoria’s rich history and heritage in scientific work to life for a new generation?


If you are considering your legacy and would be interested in contributing to the growth and success of the Society’s projects and programs, we would gratefully welcome your support. Bequests to the Society can be itemised in your legal will, and we would be pleased to discuss the conditions you would like to stipulate.



Please help us to do more! Contact us today to talk about the impact of your gift, corporate sponsorship, or bequest: [email protected] or (03) 9663 5259.

Now is the time to put science to work – please support our community of scientists.

Past Projects and Programs

Fungi for Land square
Fungi for LandWhat if we repaired our soils and ecosystems through a deeper understanding and better management of the fungi kingdom?