About Nellie Neild – 130 Years of Women at the Royal Society of Victoria

The Society’s first female member, Helen Harriet Neild (1859 – 1907) was registered as a Member of the Royal Society of Victoria on 10th October, 1889. The second child and eldest daughter of eleven siblings in the Neild household, Nellie had been brought up as a young society woman, notably singing at the Shakespeare Society’s musical gatherings in the late 1880s. She had attended the University of Melbourne to attain a science degree, which in those early years was offered as a Bachelor of Arts under Sir Frederick McCoy’s guidance. She is identified by Dr Allan Madsley as a zoologist.

Research Spotlight: Anna Flanagan-Moodie

PhD Candidate, Deakin University PhD Supervisor: Professor Andrew Bennett Winner, 2015 Young Scientist Research Prize for the Biological (Non-Human) Sciences “Prescribed burning decreases den site habitat of the yellow-footed antechinus” For her PhD thesis, Anna investigated the effect of prescribed burning of the den sites of Antechinus Flavipes, commonly known as the Yellow-footed Antechinus (a small, […]