Quantum Information Technology: From the Spooky World of Quantum Physics

The 2016 RSV Medal for Excellence in Scientific Research: Lecture, Award & President’s Soiree


Professor Lloyd Hollenberg

Winner, 2016 RSV Medal for Excellence in Scientific Research
Thomas Baker Chair in Physical Biosciences, The University of Melbourne
Deputy Director, Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology

In recent years new and surprising aspects about quantum mechanics, and reality itself, have been uncovered as experiments probe further into the quantum world. Now, as extreme computer miniaturisation reaches into the realm where quantum effects are at play, exciting new quantum technologies are emerging.

While we do not fully comprehend the sublime strangeness of quantum mechanics, we can begin to imagine, and even build, powerful new machines such as quantum computers, vastly more powerful than any current, conventional supercomputer.

Join the 2016 RSV Research Medallist, Professor Lloyd Hollenberg, who will introduce the latest developments in quantum technology and give an overview of the work involved with designing quantum computers and using individual, atomic-sized quantum sensors in biological systems. No prior knowledge of quantum mechanics assumed or required!

About the speaker:

Professor Lloyd Hollenberg is the 2016 winner of the Royal Society of Victoria’s Medal for Excellence in Scientific Research, the Society’s highest honour. He is the Thomas Baker Chair at the University of Melbourne’s School of Physics and Deputy Director of the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology. His interests in quantum information science and technology range from the use of atomic quantum probes in biology to the design of architectures for full-scale quantum processors.

He is currently an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and was awarded the 2012 Walter Boas Medal, the 2013 Victoria Prize (physical sciences), and led the team that won the 2013 Eureka Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research.

President’s Soiree:

RSV Members, Partners and Guests are invited to join us after the presentation for our annual dinner, the President’s Soiree, to celebrate the achievements of our Medallist and the work of the Society over the course of 2016. Registrations for the Soiree include a place at the lecture beforehand.