Conserving Eucalypts – the Why and the How


In March the Royal Society of Victoria was delighted to partner with Eucalypt Australia in planning and presenting the 2016Eucalypt Australia logo symposium ‘Conserving Eucalypts – the Why and the How,’ addressing the evolution, diversity and conservation of eucalypt species and the future of Australian forests, woodlands and other eucalypt biota. The objective was to engage scientists with people interested in the response of eucalypt forests and woodlands to the considerable environmental threats ahead in the 21st Century.

Manuscripts of the presentations have been published in the latest (July 2016) Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria , and the scientific outputs have informed the Royal Society of Victoria’s 2016 submissions to Victoria’s Forest Industry Taskforce process and the Draft National Recovery Plan for the Leadbeater’s Possum. A summary position statement from the RSV is available online.

Video summaries of our symposium presenters are now online and are provided below, with thanks to our partner Eucalypt Australia. Presenters included: Professor Mick McCarthy, Professor David Lindenmayer AO, Professor Brad Potts, Associate Professor Kevin Tolhurst AM, Professor Andrew Bennett, Associate Professor Peter Vesk, Associate Professor Patrick Baker, Dr Suzanne Prober and Dr Michael Bayly. Enjoy watching the presentation summaries below, and follow the links at the end of each video to access the full presentations.

 David Lindenmayer: “Large Old Trees – Critical Small Scale Structure”

Brad Potts: “Managing our Eucalypt Gene Pools”

Michael McCarthy: “Conserving Eucalypt Lineages and Spatial Prioritisation with Reference to Victoria”

Andrew Bennett: “Eucalypts, Wildlife and Nature Conservation”

Peter Vesk: “Natural Regeneration of Eucalyptus microcarpa Woodlands”

Suzanne Prober: “Adaptation to Climate in Widespread Eucalypts”

Mike Bayly: “Evolutionary History of Eucalypts”

Patrick Baker: “Climate Proofing Eucalypt Forests in Southeastern Australia”