Systems Thinking: Weather Change & Weather Resources

Despite the advances made in modelling, translating ‘climate change’ into weather change remains a major challenge for Earth System sciences. How can we build new wind farms if we don’t know where strong, consistent winds will be, or make informed decisions about new water catchment and storage infrastructure without more accurate data about future rainfall frequency and intensity?

From Meteorites to Meteorology – Diverse Victorian Science in the Latest Proceedings

The latest edition of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria is now online, featuring a new species of calcareous sponge discovered in Geelong, a spectacular new H5 meteorite in Maryborough, an account of Indigenous meteorological knowledge using stellar scintillation, a reclassification of fossil graptolites from the early Bendigonian, a case for regulated investment in a resilient electricity network, an account of the Bureau of Meteorology’s new extreme heatwave event forecasting service, and a discussion on whether a similar service might be required for cold extremes.