Next-Generation Biocontrol of Invasive Vertebrate Pests

Convened in partnership with the Invasive Species Council, the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, Zoos Victoria, Rabbit-Free Australia, the Victorian National Parks Association and the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions.

A one-day symposium to canvass the impact of invasive vertebrate species on ecosystems and agricultural activities throughout Australia, explore new and emerging biological control strategies for invasive vertebrates, and consider the ethical, social, technological, and decision-making challenges posed by these technologies for governments, industries and land managers.

Who should attend?

We welcome all audiences, including researchers, land managers, First Peoples, government policy leads, industry groups, conservation groups and any other parties with a stake in the challenges posed by invasive vertebrate species and an interest in emerging research that can offer new and effective tools for biocontrol in the years to come.

Benefits of participation

The symposium presents an opportunity to share insights and access expertise in identifying and responding to some of the most pressing challenges facing the Australian continent’s ecological health from the impacts of invasive vertebrate species.

Featured topics:

Session 1: The Problem

    • The broad-scale ecological impacts of invasive species
    • The economic costs of invasive vertebrate species management
    • The agricultural impacts of invasive species in Australia
    • Indigenous land management and the impacts of invasive vertebrate species on Country
    • Priorities for management of invasive species from a threatened species perspective

Session 2 : The Technologies

    • Rodent genetic biocontrol
    • Gene drives for foxes, rabbits, pigs etc
    • Genetic biocontrol of invasive fish species
    • Herpesvirus biocontrol for the management of carp
    • Immuno-contraceptives for feral cat management
    • Viral biological control strategies for rabbit population control

Convened in partnership with the Invasive Species Council, the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water & PlanningZoos Victoria, Rabbit-Free Australia, the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions and the Victorian National Parks Association.

Session 3: The Caveats

    • Attitudes in New Zealand towards gene editing for invasive species management
    • The problems and perils of biotechnology
    • Social challenges of invasive vertebrate management
    • First Nations perspectives on invasive species management
    • Animal welfare considerations for new invasive species management tools
    • Modelling genetic biocontrol

Tickets are available below to either attend in person (first window) or participate in the webinar via Zoom and/or Eventbrite (second window). RSV Members are prompted to enter their “promo code” to access a member’s ticket.

Attending in Person:

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Date(s) - Friday 16 September, 2022
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

The Royal Society of Victoria