Queers in Science: Science at the Edge

We are made of stardust; made of the elements that are forged in stars as they are born, as they live, and as they die. Yet we all have different stories, and Queers in Science celebrated three scientists at the cutting edge of their fields. They shared their research, their personal journeys, and their vulnerability as part of the annual Queers in Science lecture.

Where Can Physics Take Me?

A class of year nine students can confidently tell you that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Chemistry is sometimes a little more intimidating-but most of the population can remember that one great experiment in school where they turned a flame bright pink with potassium. Mention the word physics? From most people, you will get a blank stare and some squirming in their seat.

Research Infrastructure: Making Discoveries Possible

Microscopes with lasers, screens filled with complex equations. These are things we often see in media reports about a scientist’s latest research breakthrough. But behind all the impressive, specialised infrastructure are people we don’t often see: technical experts who help other scientists make their research projects a reality.

The Many Different Pathways of STEMM

This piece appears in the July 2023 edition of Science Victoria magazine. All issues can be read online for free at rsv.org.au/Science-Victoria. Embarking on a career in STEMM often involves dealing with uncertainties when it comes to progressing from education and training to professional employment and expertise. Even with training in one subject – whether […]