Ockham’s Razor LIVE at the Royal Society of Victoria

The ABC podcast Ockham’s Razor is a soapbox for all things scientific. Different speakers from diverse backgrounds share their stories, insights, arguments or tributes—anything that can grip an audience by the ears for 10 straight minutes.

In 2018, the ABC is taking the program around the country, recording the talks at special live events. They might even bring an actual soapbox.

ABC’s Science Friction podcast presenter Natasha Mitchell is taking the reins at this special RSV event to mull over a range of topics from social media to medical marketing to meteorology, including:

  • People’s quest for ‘perfect’ private parts—Gemma Sharp, clinical psychologist and researcher, Monash University
  • Talking about the weather ain’t boring—Nate Byrne, ABC News Breakfast weather guru
  • Stem cell therapies: sorting the science from the snake oil—Megan Munsie, stem cell scientist, University of Melbourne
  • Innovation: turning the talk into action—Krystal Evans, CEO, Biomelbourne Network
  • Share if you care: facts, fear and Facebook—Tanya Ha, science journalist and communicator, Science in Public
  • Concussion: not just a knock on the head—Roger Rees, neuroscientist and author, Flinders University
  • Searching for life below the waves: from the Australian Abyss to Larsen C—Melanie Mackenzie, zoologist and marine invertebrate collection manager, Museums Victoria

You can listen to Ockham’s Razor now via RN, iTunes or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.