Ockham’s Razor: LIVE from the Royal Society of Victoria

Ockham's Razor

Got ten minutes? Let us tell you a story…

ABC Science returns to the Royal Society of Victoria for a special podcast recording event. Ockham’s Razor is the ABC’s soapbox for all things scientific: stories, insights, arguments or tributes – anything that can grip an audience by the ears for 10 straight minutes.

You’ll hear from a hand-picked roster of superb speakers on a range of compelling topics. Expect a jam-packed evening of short talks that will intrigue, excite and inspire. Book now to ensure your seat at this popular annual event!

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Our confirmed speakers include:

Ms Tilly Boleyn – Head of Curatorial, Science Gallery Melbourne

After uni, a love/hate relationship with pipettes and RNA extractions drove Tilly from the lab and into the arms of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). There, she discovered a natural talent for science gossip – she liked talking about other people’s science more than doing her own. Tilly then morphed into a curator at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney, developing exhibitions about health, medicine, engineering, experimentation and the human voice. Now at Science Gallery Melbourne, she plots with scientists and artists to deliver a rolling series of innovative and thought-provoking shows to engage audiences with the bleeding edge of human knowledge.

Dr Jarrod McKenna – Reproductive Biologist & Science Communicator, The University of Melbourne

Jarrod received his PhD in 2021 from Monash University investigating the reproductive biology of the world’s only known menstruating rodent: The Egyptian Spiny Mouse. Since hanging up the lab coat 2 years ago, Dr McKenna now works at the University of Melbourne in science outreach and is a passionate freelance science communicator.

Ms Krystal De Napoli – First Nations Astronomy Author, Presenter and Researcher, Astrophysics Honours Research Student, Monash University

Krystal’s astrophysics research experience extends into projects that explore detecting exoplanets from light-curve data, characterising galaxies from raw images, as well as my current focus on determing the star formation rates of galaxies from ASKAP RACS data. She is a Gamileroi woman, and her Indigenous astronomy research experience includes an exploration of the use of lunar cusps in calendaring wet and dry seasons, examining the traditions of the Pleiades in Aboriginal astronomical traditions, and a general dive into the astronomy of the Muruwari people with Muruwari man William Stevens.

Associate Professor Rashina Hoda – Group Lead of Software Engineering, Monash University

Rashina is an award-winning researcher and educator, an engaging public speaker, and a passionate champion for girls and women in STEM. She was selected as a ‘Superstars of STEM’ (2021-22 cohort) by Science and Technology Australia. She is an Associate Professor and Group Lead of Software Engineering in the Faculty of Information Technology and the Deputy Director of the HumaniSE lab at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Rashina is passionate about the people and process of software engineering, including diversity in software teams and responsible artificial intelligence for positive societal impact.

Professor Brendan Wintle FRSV – Biodiversity Conservation, School of Agriculture, Food & Ecosystem Sciences, The University of Melbourne

Brendan undertakes research to support decision making and policy development for biodiversity conservation, tackling technical developments in species distribution and population modelling to inform conservation spending, management, and monitoring. He is a Lead Councillor with the newly established Biodiversity Council, a trusted expert voice communicating accurate information on all aspects of biodiversity to the Australian people, to ensure that biodiversity and Country prospers.

Dr Susi Seibt – Research Scientist, Vascular Biophysics, CSL

Susi Seibt is a Research Scientist in the Vascular Biophysics team at CSL, a Superstar of STEM, member of the Homeward Bound 8 cohort and an edutainer. Susi’s research involves the development of microfluidic devices mimicking human blood vessels and organs to enable drug development as a crucial step for in vitro drug trials. These flow-based devices function as blood assays for the investigation of CSL assets where flow effects could impact therapeutic function. She has always been a passionate science communicator, leading her to start her own science Youtube channel “Shelium” to ‘edutain’ the public.

Dr Flora Hui – Clinician Scientist, Centre for Eye Research Australia

Flora has a particular interest in innovative methods to improve patient outcomes in optometry and ophthalmology and neuroprotectants for treating glaucoma. She conducted a world-first clinical trial investigating high-dose nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) as a neuroprotectant in human glaucoma, showing that nicotinamide could lead to early and significant improvements to visual function. In addition, building upon her preclinical work, she was involved in a landmark study investigating the use of hyperspectral retinal imaging to differentiate people who were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Ms Trish Kerin – Director, IChemE Safety Centre

Trish believes that people have a fundamental right to stay safe at work. That’s why she works with company leaders to help them improve their safety outcomes, focusing on high consequence events. She uses her years of engineering and leadership experience to communicate complex ideas in simple ways to make safety improvements accessible to all. Trish Kerin is an award-winning international expert and key note speaker on process safety leadership and the inaugural director of the IChemE Safety Centre. She has been named one of the “Superstars of STEM” for 2023/24 by Science and Technology Australia.

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