The Marvels of Medicinal Plants

“Nature itself is the best physician” Hippocrates

Plants are the marvels of the earth and the unsung heroes of our planet. They provide the air we breathe, the houses we live in and the food we eat. In an era where we have an abundance of food, yet are starving for nutrients, what can we consume to be healthier?

In this talk, Dr Tien Huynh will delight both your brain cells and your taste buds. Discover Tien’s recent research to unlock the secrets of medicinal plants revealing how plants can heal us from the inside out. Plants highlighted in the discussion will range from the familiar, like coffee, to those which many people have never seen or used before.

Taste-test a selection of these plants during this event, and be inspired to share your new knowledge of medicinal plants and their amazing properties with loved ones. Together we can eat well, live well and be well.

About the Speaker:

Dr Tien Huynh was born in Vietnam and immigrated to Australia as an asylum refugee from the Vietnam War with no English speaking skills and nothing but the clothes on her back. Tien found her passion in science at university under the tutelage of an amazing mentor, Professor Ann Lawrie.

From there, Tien went on to complete her doctorate at the University of Melbourne and postdoctoral research overseas (England and Italy) in Evolutionary Phylogenetics and Conservation Biology before returning to Australia to specialise in Cancer, Tissue Repair, Neuropharmacology and Drug Discovery Technologies. Tien is now a Senior Lecturer in BioSciences at RMIT University.

Tien is passionate about environmental sustainability, medicinal plants and conservation. Recently, Tien was recognised as a Superstar of STEM as an ambassador and role model to inspire the next generation of scientists to bridge the gap between gender, age and cultural differences.