History of the Scientific Revolution Tour – Briefing for RSV Members

Eventbrite Scientific Revolution Tour

An invitation for RSV members to join hosts Russell and Ellaine Downie on a guided tour of Western Europe, discovering the history of the scientific revolution.

  • Why did the Scientific Revolution happen in Western Europe?
  • Why did it happen when it did?
  • Why did it not happen somewhere else?
  • Why was there a revolution?

Having just retired after teaching for 24 years at PLC where he was head of Physics, Russell is keen to share the journey he has been on to answer these questions. Russell is married to Ellaine who, as well as having a science background is also passionate about music. The focus of the trip will be to visit some of the sacred sites of science, however, Ellaine will also be watching for opportunities to enhance our experience by taking in the music we come across along the way.

This tour will journey from Italy, through France and into England. During the tour, Russell will deliver informative sessions, as well as leading discussions in the locations where some of science’s most important discoveries were made.

You will have the opportunity to visit universities where some of history’s most accomplished scientists were educated, as well as museums,historical sights and some of Europe’s most famous landmarks.

Full details are at http://www.missiontravel.com.au/scientificrevolution2016/ 

Interested? Please book below to join us for a tour briefing on Wednesday, 23rd March by Russell Downie, who has put together this package for us with agents Mission Travel.