Melbourne Christmas Treasure Hunts

The Christmas Treasure Hunts will be a fun learning experience for individuals, groups and families as a part of the the City of Melbourne’s Christmas Festival in December 2022. Catering for people of all ages, activities will take participants all around the City of Melbourne, exploring key Christmas installations to win prizes as well as increasing awareness of Melbourne’s iconic and lesser-known landmarks and locations.

Explore Melbourne’s Dynamic Coastline

Examine Port Phillip’s historical changes, the geological landscapes that shape our foreshores and the bays, the impacts of climate change and more with Geography Victoria and the Association of Bayside Municipalities.

STEM & Society: Caring for the Rare

Victoria’s Zoos, Museums and Botanic Gardens are more than interesting places for people to visit - they are also engines of cutting-edge research and field work. Join us at the Parliament of Victoria to hear from our state’s botanists, zoologists and collection managers caring for the rare in the face of mounting challenges.

Studley Park – Go Bush in Inner Melbourne!

Explore 420 million years of Melbourne’s geological and hydrological history with Geography Victoria and the Royal Society of Victoria.

Wild Restoration – Organ Pipes National Park

Come and learn how to get involved in restoring native habitat and recovering our local species while learning valuable citizen science skills at Organ Pipes National Park!