Science Gossip: Woodland Rumours & Thinking Trees

Wander the heritage rooms of the Royal Society of Victoria, discovering new ideas, hypotheses, and research findings presented through 19th century salon-style discussions, exhibits and performances. Featuring Dr Monica Gagliano, Ms Anna Madeleine, Ms Vicki Hallett, Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher and Adjunct Professor Freya Mathews.

Humans 2.0


Augmented brains and bodies, or a return to nature? Cyber or solar? Humans 2.0 – what is the future of our species?
Humans 2.0 is presented by the Victorian Coordinating Committee for National Science Week and The Royal Society of Victoria, and supported by Phoria.

Interacting with Eucalypts – Exhibition and Launch Event

For this Eucalyptus Day exhibition, the beauty and majesty of the mighty Mountain Ash, the tallest flowering plant in the world, is presented together with a retrospective on the commercial harvesting of plantation Mallee species for the production of Australia’s iconic Bosisto brand of eucalyptus oil.