Humans 2.0

Humans 2.0


Augmented brains and bodies, or a return to nature? Cyber or solar? Humans 2.0 – what is the future of our species?

Wearables, transplantables, cognitive enhancement, robot assistants, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. In this speculative story telling event, how will you define what is human, and decide what is dead or alive?

Hear about new modes of communication, sports and transport which may be available to future humans. Augment yourself using the latest in AR technology, dance off with artificial intelligence, and experience new visual phenomena only perceivable using virtual reality.

Check out future artefacts and prototypes while grabbing a drink at the psi-bar. Speak with experts to invent your own stories, ponder our place in an increasingly automated world, and discover how we could feed the planet’s ever increasing human population.

Will we enter a new age of sustainability and loving connection with the natural world while grappling with climate change? Dig in the soil and listen to the rivers to glimpse possible neo-sustainable and naturophilic communities of tomorrow.

Inspired by the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Humans 2.0 invites audiences to imagine beyond Frankenstein’s monster to what it will mean to be human in the next century.

Humans 2.0 is presented by the Victorian Coordinating Committee for National Science Week and The Royal Society of Victoria, and supported by Phoria.

This is a free event, but registrations are essential.