Campfires & Science: Future Forests

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Victoria’s unique biodiversity and enormous trees are managed by the Victorian State Government. Many animals and plants that rely on these ecosystems are labelled by experts as ‘critically endangered’. At the same time, some people rely on the trees within these forest in order to make products (such as office paper), provide jobs and make money.

The ‘Regional Forest Agreements’ are described as an attempt to ‘balance the social, environmental and economic values of key forested regions’ and reflect all the things that people living in Victoria feel are important, using the best evidence we have when possible.

The Victorian State Government is asking for people to give feedback on a new version of the ‘Regional Forest Agreements’ and ‘Science for All’ wants to ensure as many people as possible are included in this process.

After a daytime public forum hosted by the Royal Society of Victoria (please register separately, here to attend), join us in the early evening for a unique ‘Campfires and Science’ event where we will hear from experts in the area of forest management, and help us inform our response to this report. You can also learn about the work ‘Science for All’ has been doing to understand biodiversity in the region, and learn how you can get involved! We’ll also be covering the principles of ‘critical appraisal skills’ for those who want to learn how to take part in the process of creating peer reviewed science.

We’ll provide free food and a warm fire!

Some of the questions we’ll be discussing are:

  • What does a ‘Comprehensive, Adequate and Representative (CAR) reserve system mean’?
  • What does ecologically sustainable management and use of forests look like?
  • What kind of ‘forest industries’ contribute to long-term stability of forests (for example, logging and tourism)

**Please note: a free vegan dinner is included. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate for any allergies; if you have any special requirements, please ensure you have catered for yourself.