Science for All

Science for All

Science for All supports anyone, anywhere, getting involved in shaping the future of human knowledge.

Many of the challenges facing the planet today do not have solutions which fall into neat categories such as ‘public health’, ‘environmental studies’ and ‘education.’ Science for All aims to bring together people with diverse expertise to enable a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems. We create inclusive opportunities for anyone to get involved in science, facilitating learning and supporting the creation of new knowledge.

Science for All involves people of all ages in multiple projects. We lead regular trips into the wilderness to support scientific field work and provide hands-on learning about how to conduct research. This includes free ‘Campfires and Science’ events and the ‘Wild DNA’ project, teaching people to test for the presence of critically endangered species using environmental DNA sampling. We also host multiple online discussions and decision-making processes to assist people all around the world to shape ideas and priorities, including in response to the CoVID-19 pandemic.

All the projects are evaluated transparently and impacts are reported using ‘Standardised Data on Initiatives’ (STARDIT). This is an international project hosted by Science for All to help understand how to improve how people can be involved in shaping the future of human knowledge.

Your support for Science for All will have real and measurable impact, helping improve life on Earth.
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If you want more information about any of our projects and how you can support our work, go to ScienceForAll.World or send us an email.