Science Victoria – December 2023 – “The Future of Drug Discovery”

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Science Victoria (ISSN: 29818672)
December 2023 Edition
“The Future of Drug Discovery”
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Science Victoria (ISSN: 29818672)
December 2023 edition
“The Future of Drug Discovery”

“The Therapeutic Odyssey of Psilocybin and MDMA: A Return to Roots” by Kade Huckstep
“The Genius of Genomics” by Dr Amy Niselle and Zayne D’Crus
“Everybody Be Cool: Using Community Spaces to Manage Heatwaves” by Shirley Diez, Fran Macdonald, and Phani Harsha Yeggina
“The Future of Pain Management Drugs: Moving Away From Opioids” by Tejaswini Divanji
“Improving Drug Discovery: All G with G-Coupled Receptors” by Dr Catriona Nguyen-Robertson
“Getting Back on Track” by Sarah Mele
“Harnessing Immune Cells in the Bowl to Fight Cancer” by Marina Yakou
“The Lighter Side of Building Bionic Eyes” by William Kwan
“Student Superheroes Fighting Superbugs at Whittlesea Tech School” by Dr Catriona Nguyen-Robertson
“Where’s the Water in our Solar System?” by Dr Tanya Hill

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