The Great Debate: The Greatest Discovery Ever Made

We’ve all been there, having that age old argument: what’s the bigger breakthrough? The existence of atoms or quantum mechanics; DNA or CRISPR; the wheel or sliced bread?

To celebrate National Science Week, the Science Nation is going to answer this question once and for all. Join the fun and mayhem as the best, brightest and bravest science aficionados in the land do battle in a tournament of wits and wittiness in order to find out: what is the Greatest Discovery Ever Made?

Doing battle in Melbourne is: reproductive biologist, science communicator and prospective Ig Nobel laureate, Dr Kiri Beilby; contortionist, acrobat, fire spinner and astrophysicist, Dr Jess Bloom; theoretical physicist and jazz pianist manqué, Prof Jared Cole; animal physiologist, neuroscientist and backyard orchardist, Dr Angelina Fong; biomedical engineer who believes diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, Dr Kate Fox; science educator, boardgame designer and comedian, Tom Lang; physicist and future Martian, Josh Richards; and physicist, science communicator and Science Nation founder, Dr Andrew Stephenson.