Second Members’ Briefing & Forum: the Future of the Royal Society of Victoria

All fully subscribed RSV members (including student members) are asked to attend this special briefing and discussion forum to address the future of the Society.

As canvassed at the Annual General Meeting held on 26 April, and a subsequent Members’ Briefing held on 10 May, we are making fantastic progress towards the goals articulated in our Strategy, Concord & Progress. However, the Society’s ambitions significantly outweigh its capacities. Thanks to the generous legacy of earlier members such as Dr Phillip Law, we have a small resource base to underwrite our activities for the medium term; however, our ability to serve the Victorian community and sustain our concern with science engagement and literacy beyond the next decade is contingent on securing a significantly higher revenue stream.

The RSV Executive Committee and Council have been working with partners over the past three years to develop a proposal to substantially improve the Society’s capacities for impact in Victorian communities, as well as securing much-needed structural work, refurbishments and refitting of our lovely old building, which turns 160 next year.

Media anticipated on Saturday, 12 May will tell much of the story; we are keen to provide as much background to our partnership work as possible to our members, anticipating there will be many questions and concerns to address.

Following this forum, we will be meeting again to deliberate on the plan at a Special General Meeting to be held on the evening of Thursday, 24th May (two weeks later). It would be terrific if you could make it to both forums. If you can’t make it to the SGM, please follow the link for further details on submitting your proxy. Under our Rules, only voting members of the Society are permitted at the SGM.

RSV members only please. Your subscription to membership of the Society must be current (financial members only).