Young Scientist Research Prizes Competition: Presentations, Judging and Prize Ceremony

Discover the work of eight Victorian early career researchers across four categories of science, and support our high achievers!

Ockham’s Razor: LIVE from the Royal Society of Victoria

ABC Science returns to the Royal Society of Victoria for a special podcast recording event. Ockham’s Razor is the ABC’s soapbox for all things scientific: stories, insights, arguments or tributes – anything that can grip an audience by the ears for 10 straight minutes.

Reinventing the Chemical Industry with Green Chemistry

Dr Paul T. Anastas
Director, Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, Yale University
Dr John Warner
Distinguished Professor of Green Chemistry, Monash University

Glaciers and Ice Sheets in a Warming World

Professor Andrew Mackintosh
Head, School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University
ARC Chief Investigator, ‘Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future’

The Occupation of Qatar – a lived experience of climatic change

Dr Phillip Macumber MRSV
Principal Hydrogeologist, Phillip Macumber Consulting Services