Pamela Borger – Former Councillor

Pam BorgerMs Pamela Borger’s passion for science, in particular science education is a cornerstone for her working life. She has extensive experience with building the capacity of schools by supporting their curriculum, career development and leadership teams. She is an expert writer and editor for science curriculum materials and proficient in creating, writing and delivering professional learning.

Pam was an active secondary school teacher of science and biology for 22 years, followed by a role as a Science in Schools project officer in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. She continued working in the public service in the area of youth pathways and transition. During this time she developed a valuable network of contacts in government services and tertiary education facilities.

Pam was a member of the RSV Outreach & Partnerships Committee from 2015 – 2021, contributing to raising the capacity of targeted primary schools and their teachers to deliver improved science outcomes, and assumed the role of Chair of Outreach and Partnerships in 2017 until concluding her tenure in 2021.