Young Scientist Research Prize Winners

The Royal Society of Victoria has established four prestigious competitive prizes open to post-graduate, doctoral students in all areas of the Biological Sciences (Non-human), Biomedical & Health Sciences, Earth Sciences and Physical Sciences.

The Biological Sciences (Non-human) prize and Earth Sciences prize are supported by donations from the families of previous Royal Society Presidents Edmund D Gill and Neil Archbold respectively.


Biomedical & Health Sciences  Bevan Main, University of Melbourne.  Targeting type-1 interferon signalling is neuroprotective in the MPTP mouse model of Parkinson’s disease

Biological Sciences (Non-human)  Kylie Soanes, University of Melbourne.  Bridging the road-gap for wildlife

Physical and Earth Sciences  Jacqueline Delaney, La Trobe University.  Low cost sensing for everyone


Biomedical & Health Sciences  Annie K. McAuley, University of Melbourne.  Novel Proteomic Biomarkers in Diabetic Retinopathy

Biological Sciences (Non-human)  Katrin Hug, University of Melbourne.  Microbial Arsenic Resistance in Champagne Pool, New Zealand

Physical Sciences  Hua Zhou, Deakin University.  Super Durable, Robust Superhydrophobic Fabrics


Biomedical & Health Sciences Stephanie Simonds, Monash University.

Biological Sciences (Non-human) Daniel Ohlsen, University of Melbourne. 

Earth Sciences Jozua van Otterloo, Monash University.

Physical Sciences Sivacarendran Balendhran, RMIT University.