To our Members & Friends: Starting a Conversation About our Future

Mike Flattley, CEO

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke.

Today we’ve released our “Magic” proposal, a transformational vision to “supercharge” our mission to engage Victorian communities with science, establish an exciting new science communication and heritage hub in Melbourne’s CBD, and ensure that we’re around for another 160 years and beyond, promoting science across Victoria to the very best of our abilities. This changes everything – “Magic” is a once in a generation opportunity for the Society, and for Victoria, and I really hope you can support the initiative. Please see the media release details here.

The building proposal is currently a high level concept – something we know we can achieve financially and structurally, as a powerful way to resource and resurrect our heritage facilities and enduring mission, but there are many hurdles to clear and functions to clarify before we can proceed. This is just the start of a longer conversation. We’ve started briefing our members on the challenges and opportunities facing the Society, and will further explore the various options on the table over the coming weeks. Meanwhile, we are seeking support from the community, all levels of government, and all sides of politics, to secure a perpetual resource for the missing piece of the STEM puzzle in Victoria – connecting meaningfully with our diverse communities, ensuring scientific literacy is a common function of citizenship, and making visible the personal and professional growth offered by our remarkable, research-intensive, industry-focused science sector to everybody, in all walks of life. 

We know you’ll have questions and concerns. As we’re still a very small organisation, please direct these to [email protected] to ensure we can keep track of these important conversations. As always, we will be doing our very best to navigate these new, exciting waters, and to respond to everyone’s ideas and suggestions. We are adjusting our course with the benefit of your input.

Our next briefing to members is on Thursday night, with further briefings available in late May and early June (details from our events page). Our Special General Meeting follows on 21 June (rescheduled from 24 May at the request of our members). We’ll be seeking our members’ endorsement to pursue this opportunity at the SGM – which is just another leg of a long journey ahead. I’m looking forward to taking that journey with you.

Please watch your email inbox for updates from the Society – we’ll also provide updates ahead of our fortnightly lectures on our progress.

Mike Flattley
CEO, The Royal Society of Victoria