Presidents of the Royal Society of Victoria

1854 Andrew Clarke (Philosophical Society), Surveyor General

1854 Redmond Barry (Victorian Institute for the Advancement of Science), First Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria

1855-1857 Andrew Clarke (Philosophical Institute), Surveyor General

1858 William Stawell (Philosophical Institute), Chief Justice of Victoria

1859 Ferdinand von Mueller, Government Botanist & Director of Botanic Gardens

1860-1863 Henry Barkly, Governor of Victoria

1864 Frederick McCoy, Professor of the Natural Sciences, Government Palaeontologist, Director of the National Museum of Victoria

1865 John Ignatius Bleasdale, Catholic Priest, Chemist and Mineralogist

1866-1884 Robert L.J. Ellery, Government Astronomer, Director of the Melbourne Observatory

1885-1900 William C. Kernot, First Professor of Engineering, University of Melbourne

1901 James Jamieson, Medical Officer, Melbourne City

1902 Edward J. White, Chief Assistant, Melbourne Observatory

1903 John Dennant, Science Inspector, Education Department

1904 Walter Baldwin Spencer, Professor of Biology, Director of the Museum

1905 George Sweet, Geologist & Industrialist

1906 Edward J. Dunn Director, Geological Survey of Victoria

1907 Calder E. Oliver  Engineer-in-Chief, Melbourne & Metropolitan Board of Works

1908-1909 Pietro P.G.E. Baracchi, Government Astronomer

1910-1911 Ernest W. Skeats, Professor of Geology

1912-1913 John Shephard, Microscopist & Industrialist

1914-1915 Thomas S. Hall, Lecturer in Biology

1916-1917 William A. Osborne, Professor of Physiology

1918-1919 James A. Kershaw, Director of National Museum of Victoria

1920-1921 Alfred J. Ewart, Professor of Botany & Government Botanist

1922-1923 Frank Wisewould, Solicitor

1924 Thomas H. Laby, Professor of Natural Philosophy

1925-1926 Joseph M. Baldwin, Government Astronomer

1927-1928 Wilfred E. Agar, Professor of Zoology

1929-1930 Frederick Chapman, Commonwealth Palaeontologist

1931-1932 Herbert S. Summers, Associate Professor of Geology

1933-1934 William J. Young, Associate Professor of Biochemistry

1935-1936 Norman A. Esserman, Officer-in-Charge, National Standards Laboratory, CSIRO

1937-1938 Samuel M. Wadham, Professor of Agriculture

1939-1940 Daniel J. Mahony, Director of the National Museum of Victoria

1941-1942 Reuben T. Patton, Lecturer, Botany Department

1943-1944 William Baragwanath, Director, Geological Survey of Victoria

1945-1946 John K. Davis, Antarctic Explorer, Commonwealth Director of Navigation

1947-1948 Dermot A. Casey, Anthropologist

1949-1950 Phillip Crosbie Morrison, Natural History Writer & Broadcaster

1951-1952 John S. Turner, Professor of Botany

1953-1954 Frank L. Stillwell, Geologist

1955-1956 Edwin S. Hills, Professor of Geology

1957-1958 Valentine G. Anderson, Consulting Chemist

1959-1960 Geoffrey W. Leeper, Associate Professor in Agricultural Chemistry, University of Melbourne

1961-1962 Richard R. Garran, Senior Executive, Imperial Chemical Industries

1963-1964 Richard T.M. Pescott, Director of the National Museum of Victoria, Director of Royal Botanic Gardens and Government Botanist of Victoria

1965-1966 John H. Chinner, Reader-in-Charge of Forestry, University of Melbourne

1967-1968 Phillip G. Law, Director of Australian Antarctic Division, Vice-President of Victoria Institute of Colleges

1969-1970 Edmund D. Gill, Palaeontologist, Deputy Director of the National Museum of Victoria

1971-1972 Alfred Dunbavin Butcher, Director of Fisheries and Wildlife, Chairman of the Zoological Board of Victoria

1973-1974 Robert R. Blackwood, Industrialist, Chancellor of Monash University

1975-1976 James D. Morrison, Professor of Physical Chemistry, La Trobe University

1977-1978 John F. Lovering, Professor of Geology, University of Melbourne

1979-1980 Lionel L. Stubbs, Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Melbourne

1980-1982 Gordon D. Aitchison, Chief, Division of Applied Geomechanics, CSIRO

1983-1984 David M. Churchill, Government Botanist of Victoria, Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens

1985-June 1986 Grisha A. Sklovsky, Managing Director, Trans Knowledge Assoc. Pty Ltd

July 1986-June 1987 Terence P. O’Brien, Reader in Botany, Monash University

July-Dec 1987 Grisha A. Sklovsky, Managing Director, Trans Knowledge Assoc. Pty Ltd

1988-1990 William R.S. Briggs, Development Director, Chisholm Institute of Technology

1991-1992 Graeme F. Watson, Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne

1993-1994 John W. Zillman, Director, Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology

1995-1996 Maxwell G. Lay, Director, Roads Corporation Victoria

1997-1998 Herbert H. Bolotin, Professor of Physics, University of Melbourne

1999-2001 Gordon D. Sanson, Associate Professor of Zoology, Monash University

2001-2003 Neil W. Archbold, Professor of Palaeontology, Deakin University

2004-2006 Bruce Livett, Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Melbourne

2007-2009 Graham D Burrows, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne

2010- 2012 Lynne Selwood, Professor of Zoology, University of Melbourne

2013 – 2017 William D. Birch, Geosciences Senior Curator, Museum Victoria

2017 – 2021 David J Zerman, Fundraising Epidemiologist & Not-for-Profit Director

2021 –       Robert Gell, Geomorphologist & Company Director