Notice of Special General Meeting

5pm, Thursday 21st June, 2018

In accordance with our Rules, full RSV members (i.e. with voting rights) are asked to register their intention to attend this Special General Meeting of the Royal Society of Victoria, noting a quorum of 50 will be required. If you cannot attend, please nominate your proxy on the form provided by the RSV at

There will be a members’ cocktail function to follow from 6pm.

Business to be conducted:

Members will be asked to endorse the Society’s proposal to raise significant funds to resource the future operations of the Society’s activities, as well as the refurbishment and extension of the Society’s headquarters at 8 La Trobe Street, Melbourne through a residential development project on the site formerly occupied by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The high level concept and rationale will be circulated ahead of the meeting. Please note the facilities and functions of any planned refurbishment and extension works would be determined through further member involvement once the Society executes a Heads of Agreement with its development partners to proceed with the planning and application process. The final form and scale of the residential tower and RSV facilities would be determined through this planning process, and the subsequent approvals process with local, state and federal governments.

The instrument for land transfer and funding exchange is complex, and will be canvassed in the rationale. The final profits from the development are to be shared between the Society and the development partner, with the Society receiving the majority share.

The special resolution to be considered:

That the members of the Royal Society of Victoria endorse their representative Council’s proposal to raise significant funds to resource the future operations and extended facilities of the Society through the development of the land granted by the Crown for the Society’s use to the east of the Caretaker’s Cottage as a high-quality residential project. Endorsement is sought in accordance with Rules 12, 13, 14 and 18.

Voting RSV members only at the SGM please. Your subscription to membership of the Society must be current (financial 2018 members only). Please note that under our Rules student members are ineligible to vote in RSV Council elections or at our General Meetings.

Registrations for the SGM:

Registrations for the fourth and final members’ briefing: