Rob Gell – RSV President

Rob GellMr Rob Gell AM has been a member of the Royal Society of Victoria since graduation as a geomorphologist from Melbourne University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an Inaugural Fellow of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. He is a coastal geomorphologist by training; he taught Environmental Science and Physical Geography at tertiary level, then for thirty one years presented television weather. In parallel, he redeveloped an interest in environmental issues and today practices as a sustainability consultant.

Over almost four decades Rob has seen extraordinary science delivered, but considers that today there is a need for science to regain its status. He has expressed to graduating students that science nowadays has not been challenged as strongly since the days that Darwin took on the church. The Royal Society of Victoria has the opportunity to play a new role as a strong advocate for evidence-based decision making at all levels in our community. Victoria needs a voice that our community can rely on to provide independent, scientific information, correction where required and strategic advice if consulted.

From 2019, Rob has been the Chair of the RSV’s Future Focus Committee and was appointed Vice-President of the Society in October 2020. Rob was elected and installed as President on 13 May, 2021.