Mike Flattley – Chief Executive Officer

Mike Flattley has had a long career in the higher education sector, alongside his independent work in theatre, screen and music production. His professional experience has featured roles concerned with community and cultural development, institutional communications and divisional business management. His formal studies have canvassed political science, history, literary theory, multimedia design, cultural planning and university management.

Mike is a passionate advocate for the role of cultural and environmental heritage in the health of communities, the crucial place of objective reasoning and the scientific method in society for the positive progress of humanity, and the capacity for the physical and social sciences to align their efforts to win a broader appreciation by everyone of the world around and within us.

Mike joined the Royal Society of Victoria in early 2015 to assist the Society with defining its 21st century role, setting strategic directions, securing resources in support of its key goals and guiding the operations of Victoria’s oldest learned society.