The Field Trip: Journeys in Science

The Field Trip is a youth leadership program with a difference – a metaphoric journey, opening young people’s eyes to possibilities and opportunities which help them achieve their unique potential and create a positive legacy for the local and global community.

The Field Trip runs a weekly program – every Sunday from 3:30-5pm. Every term, through these weekly sessions, a different program is run, which culminates in an event or tangible outcome, such as building a cubby house, having a sleep out, producing a podcast or running a retreat or camp. The program is always changing, is completely unique and strives to provide an extraordinary experience to inspire and excite participants. The program aims to put young people in extraordinary situations to help them understand they can be extraordinary and lead their own, extraordinary life.

Read more about the Field Trip program here.

The Field Trip

The Royal Society of Victoria, YSA Melbourne and The Field Trip have joined forces to coordinate young people aged 18-24 to lead a weekly program for younger kids aged 10-17 focusing specifically on journeys in science, starting Sunday July 17th 2016.

The aim of the program is to empower young people to be our next generation of thinkers, innovators, inventors, dreamers, doers, leaders and scientists. All participants engage in meaningful work towards a group-led project goal, coordinated by trained mentors with the requisite Working with Children accreditation.

Weekly sessions are held here at the Royal Society of Victoria every Sunday 3:30-5pm.

Interested? Register your kids for a free, four week trial online today:!field-trip-journeys-in-science/bfdjf