Science in my World

The ‘Science in my World’ program of the Royal Society of Victoria has been in development over the past four years and aims to build enthusiasm for science in children, their families and their community early in life. The program targets schools and communities experiencing disadvantage, and aims to support teachers engaging students in science education and to stimulate children’s interest in science. Depending on the level of funding support we achieve, we propose to:

– Support teachers delivering science programs in primary schools by pairing them with a Society Member who will serve as a supportive guide, coach, broker of resources and/or incursion provider;

– Provide resources for teacher refresher and extension courses;

– Support school and community-based science events across regional, rural and metropolitan communities to extend curriculum activities.

Online resources for science educators:

The following offer some valuable resources to science educators and are provided to assist with curriculum planning and delivery:

Australian Academy of  Science – Education Programs

Primary Connections

An innovative and exciting new initiative linking the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy in Australian primary schools.
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Primary Connections

Science by Doing

An innovative program to increase engagement of secondary school students in their studies of science.
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Science by doing

Nova: Science in the news

Provides accurate and up-to-date information on scientific, mathematical, health and environmental issues in the news.

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Explore Lab Notes

Lab Notes has science lesson plans, activities, videos and many more useful resources for teachers.


Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

AMSI Schools Program

ICE-EM Mathematics continues to set a new benchmark for the teaching of mathematics in Australia. Developed by the International Centre of Excellence for Education in Mathematics and now marketed in its Australian Curriculum version by Cambridge University Press, ICE-EM Mathematics provides a program that gives students a clear understanding of the ideas and concepts in mathematics and helps them to develop skills to make effective use of them. ICE-EM Mathematics is a comprehensive mathematics program for Year 5 to Year 10, bridging the transition to secondary school with a careful development of key concepts. It comprises two textbooks per year level and has been carefully mapped to the new curriculum. The program is designed to:

  • Help teachers carry out their role as mathematics educators more easily and effectively;
  • Make learning mathematics clear and straightforward for students; and
  • Enable parents to understand what their children are learning so that they can assist them if they wish.



The STELR (Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) Project is a national secondary school science education initiative of ATSE.  Developed to address the decreasing number of students choosing to further their studies in the enabling sciences and mathematics, STELR focuses key contemporary issues such as global warming and climate change


CSIRO – Education Links

CSIRO Education provides innovative and engaging science programs to schools around Victoria. We aim to engage, enthuse and educate students, teachers and the wider community about science and its applications. CSIRO Education is supported by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Catholic Education Office Melbourne in Victoria.

School programs We run hands-on science classes and educational shows for all year levels that bring science alive in your school. Topics range from Astronomy, Robotics and Gene Technology to Energy, Mini-beasts and Nano-chemistry.

CSIRO programs travel to regional Victoria.

Special programs Family science evening – a family science evening is a great way to bring together students, teachers and parents.

Teacher professional development We can travel to your school with stimulating, curriculum-relevant professional development sessions for both primary and secondary teachers. For further information on options available please visit teacher professional development.

STEM Professionals in Schools  is a learning experience that allows scientists and schools to work together across Australia in flexible, professional partnerships. CSIRO Education in Victoria provides support to local STEM Professionals in Schools partnerships. Read more about STEM Professionals in Schools.