Science Outreach & Partnerships

The Royal Society of Victoria has been dedicated for the last 160 years to promoting investment and excellence in science education and the fundamental importance of the scientific method as a valuable basis for objective reasoning and decision making. We see a particularly urgent need to raise awareness of science in the early years of school in order to raise resourceful, informed, resilient citizens of a future Victoria.

There are many agencies and individuals approaching this issue, with some overlap and some gaps in the roles and goals of each. Consequently, there is much we aim to achieve through collaboration and partnership, convening a community of scientists, educators and community networks to secure results from aligned or pooled resources.

Cultural Infusion

Cultural Infusion is a Melbourne-based national arts enterprise, creating and marketing a wide range of entertaining, informative school incursion modules aligned with the Australian curriculum for our schools to choose from. Traditionally concerned with the Arts and intercultural awareness, the Royal Society of Victoria partners with Cultural Infusion to develop their new science-focussed program and deliver workforce development and participation projects like the Migrant Science Communication AcceleratorRead more

The Young Scientists of Australia (Melbourne Chapter)

Rather than convene our own ‘youth chapter,’ we support the capable young scientists who are doing it for themselves! The YSA (Melbourne) group brings together young people aged 16 – 26 to share a passion for the sciences and help navigate the transitions from secondary schooling to tertiary education, graduate studies, industry placements through to employment in STEM-related fields. If you are a young scientist looking to find your tribe and make valuable connections – you should join the YSA. Read more

CoderDojo Victoria

CoderDojo is a community-based initiative that brings young IT enthusiasts together to explore, collaborate and learn in a fun, supportive environment with their families and adult volunteers.  Read more

Science Teachers Association of Victoria: The Annual ‘Science Talent Search’

The Royal Society of Victoria sponsors and provides funding support for STAV’s Science Talent Search (STS), an annual, science based competition open to all primary and secondary students in Victoria, Australia. Read more

Science in my World

Targeting schools and communities experiencing disadvantage, the Society’s ‘Science in my World’ program has developed with the aim to build enthusiasm for science in children, their families and their community early in their education. Read more

Primary Connections

A program of the Australian Academy of Science, Primary Connections focuses on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in both science and literacy, taking an innovative approach to teaching and learning to enhance primary school teachers’ confidence and competence for teaching science. The Society supports this national initiative’s Melbourne-based training program and partners in support of providing training to teachers in schools experiencing disadvantage. Read more

Growing Tall Poppies

The Growing Tall Poppies program aims to increase the number of girls who study the physical sciences in years 11 and 12, addressing the gender inequity in the uptake of physics and maths, subjects that empower career choice for individuals and transform outcomes for society. This gender inequity means that we are not harnessing the STEM potential of half our population to innovate for economic and social growth. The Society supports Growing Tall Poppies through network, event and venue support for their Melbourne-based program. Read more